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Natasha Stefanenko was born in Sverdlosk-45, a secret city that for more than 50 years didn't exist on the map and didn't have a proper name but only a number. Her father was a nuclear engineer. When she was 17 years old, she started to study metallurgical engineering in Moscow. In 1991 she participated in the contest Look of the Year organized by John Casablancas –director of Elite agency in New York- winning it but she decided to refuse the prize trip to New York in order to conclude her studies. After she graduated in metallurgical engineering, she was willing to travel around the world and she begun in this way her carrier of top model.

Actress and anchorwoman, in 1992/1993 Natasha Stefanenko begun her television carrier with Gerry Scotti in the Canale 5 programme La grande sfida. In 1995 she became testimonial of some advertising campaigns among which Police, Martini and Riello boilers. In 1996 she was one of the juror of the Italian beauty contest Miss Italia and the same year, together with Fabrizio Frizzi, she anchored the programme Per tutta la vita on Rai Uno channel. The next year Stefanenko arrived on ItaliaUno channel with Scatafascio written by Paolo Rossi and on Canale 5 with Target. In 1998 she played the main role in the fiction Gioco di Specchi directed by José Maria Sanchez with Burt Young, Mario Adorf, Maurizio Ajello, Joss Ackland and Leo Gullotta..

In 1999 she hosted the programme Ciro on Italia1 and the same year Taratata with Vincenzo Mollica on Rai Uno and Convenscion with Enrico Bertolino. She was also testimonial of Alexandra Marinina' s detective stories advertising campaign; furthermore, C.T.O. chose Stefanenko as testimonial of its videogames' advertising campaign. In this year she was one of the main character of the movie La grande Prugna acting together with Luciana Littizzetto and Enzo Iacchetti.

In 2000 she appeared on Rai Due again with Enrico Bertolino for the second edition of the programme Convention and on Rai Uno for Taratata with Vincenzo Mollica; she also became testimonial of the web site Caltanet.

In 2001 Stefanenko returned on Rai Due for the primetime of Superconvenscion with Enrico Bertolino and on Rai Uno for Taratata. Together with Alessia Marcuzzi and Daniele Bossari, she hosted Festivalbar on Italia 1 continuing her carrier of testimonial for Expert.

The next year she was again with Bertolino on Rai Due for Convenscion a colori. Between 2003 and 2003, Natasha Stefanenko became the new face of Mabina jewellery's advertising campaign.

In 2003 her debut on the big screen with the movie Ti spiace se bacio mamma? directed by Alessandro Benvenuti and in theatre with Paolo Cevoli with Motonave Cenerentola, directed by Daniele Sala. In the same year she became testimonial for Danone Vitasnella until 2006.

In 2004 she returned on the small screen with Nel nome del cuore on Rai Due to celebrate 750 years of the Assisi Basilica; she hosted Super Ciro on Italia 1 and Ten years Younger on Sky Vivo.

Her radio debut was in 2005 with the radio programme Playpeople; in the same year she played the main role in the Rai Due fiction Nebbie e Delitti directed by Riccardo Donna and she hosted on Sky Vivo the second edition of 10 Anni più giovane in 10 giorni.

In 2006 she was the special guest of the sport programme Il goal sopra Berlino on La7 with Darwin Pastorin; during the same year she came back on Sky Vivo with Cambio vita…torno in forma and with Max Tortora she hosted Venice Music Awards on Rai Due.

In 2007, she presented the first edition of Italia's next top model on Sky Vivo and she returned on Rai Due with the second edition of the fiction Nebbie e Delitti 2 and with Bravo grazie with Gabriele Cirilli. For the Russian channel CTC she hosted What not to wear.

In 2008 she came back to the big screen with the movie In nome di Maria, a Chernobyl children's charity project, directed by Franco Diaferia and she continued her collaboration with Danone Vitasnella; furthermore she became testimonial of Uniqa (face's cream). For Sky Vivo she hosted Cambio vita…mi trasformo and Italia's next top model 2 and she took part in the sitcom Vous le femmes (Così fan tutte) with Alessia Marcuzzi and Debora Villa.

In 2009 Natasha Stefanenko was in the cast of Rai Due sitcom 7 Vite 2 directed by Franco Bertini, Marco Limberti, Nanni Marino, Monica Massa and Claudio Norza and she was again in the fiction of Gianpaolo Tescari Nebbie e Delitti 3. The same year she played a negative role in the fiction Distretto di Polizia 9 directed by Alberto Ferrari and she hosted Cambio vita…mi sposo, Italia's next top model 3 and Milano loves Fashion for Sky Uno.

In 2010 she was again on Sky Uno with Mi ha lasciato…cambio vita and the second edition of Milano Loves Fashion. For the Russian channel CTC she hosted What not to wear (Russia) and she became testimonial of Danone advertising campaign in Russia until 2011.

In 2011 she hosted again the talent- show Italia's next top model 4 and on CTC What not to wear and a new food programme Eat it immediately. The same year she acted on a Carlo Vanzina movie, Ex-Amici come prima!

In 2012 she hosted What not to wear on the Russian channel CTC and the food programme Eat it immediately.

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17 September 2012


Natasha Stefanenko with Fabrizio Frizzi, come back on Raiuno, fifteen years after the last edition of "Per tutta la vita", historical program, forefather of all "Love Story Shows" seen on italian televisions.

From 16th of September at 18:25 on Россия begins the musical program "clash of the choirs" with: Natasha Stefanenko, Ekaterina Barnaba and Valerij Meladze.

10 April 2012